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Jill Skeem

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Eat a grain or grain product at every meal.

Whole Grains

Brown rice (short, medium and long grain) is the "Mother of all Grains" because it has the most ideal proportion of complex carbohydrates to protein.

Barley (hulled), Millet, Corn, Whole Oats, Rye, Wheat berries, Sweet Brown Rice


Cracked and Flaked Grains
Couscous, Rolled Oats, Steel cut oats, Corn grits, Corn Meal, Rye Flakes, Barley Flakes

Grain Products

Whole wheat noodles

Japanese Wheat Noodles (Udon)
Japanese thin Wheat Noodles (Somen)

Japanese Buckwheat Noodles (Soba)

Bread: unyeasted, sourdough, whole wheat or whole rye or whole corn

Puffed Wheat Gluten (Fu)

Boiled Wheat Gluten (Seitan)

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