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Jill Skeem


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Jill's Consultations & Cooking Lessons


Diet/Lifestyle Consultation - $45
You will be asked to record your food and eating habits for 10 days. These will be reviewed and you will be given specific recommendations to guide you toward optimum health and wellness.

Health Consultation - $65
Jill will use 5000 year old Chinese principles to evaluate a person’s health. She will then give recommendations which include healthy eating habits, foods and remedies. She has studied food for many years and understands which foods to eat, which cooking styles to use and what a person can do to move in the direction of health.

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First Visit Questionnaire

Cooking Lessons

Learn how to cook delicious and healthy meals in your own home – private or with a group of family or friends.

Private Lessons - $35 (plus food costs)

Group Lessons - $20 per person (plus food costs)