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Jill Skeem

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Eat one cup or bowl of soup daily at lunch or dinner

• They aid digestion and relax your digestive system
• Eat miso soup at the beginning of the meal, otherwise, if it is a vegetable soup it   can be eaten throughout the meal
• It is best to eat miso soup within 12 hours and not let it sit overnight
• Enjoy pureed vegetable soups the next day, to be finished within 24 hours
• Prepare soup fresh daily if possible
• Season soups mildly so they do not taste salty
• Prepare miso soup 4-5 times a week and alternate it with other vegetable based   soups
• Vary the combinations of vegetables you use
• Always garnish soups with finely chopped fresh scallion, parsley, chive, cilantro or   any other pungent green or freshly squeezed ginger juice

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